Rowing at night is not encouraged; those going out should consider whether their outing is necessary or prudent.

In addition to the published River Status Rules and normal navigation rules, those going out at night must adhere to the following Night Time Rowing Rules:


  • Night time rules apply to any crews out after sunset.
  • Only experienced and supervised crews/scullers are allowed to row at night, this includes senior squads, veteran squads, and recreational squads.
  • Advanced and high performance junior squads may row if approved by their coach, who is responsible for the decision.
  • No senior novice, junior novice or junior intermediate crews are allowed out on the river at night.
  • All night time outings must be accompanied by a coaching launch* with an experienced coach/driver which will travel with the boat or group of boats.
  • All boats must have visible working, fully charged, non-flashing white LED lights attached to bow and stern. Lights must be attached to the boat so as they are visible from both sides of the boat and not attached to the riggers on one side.
  • All coaching launches must have navigation lights which work and are switched on.
  • Bow-person (including single scullers) must wear a bright (white, light colour, or fluorescent) top during low visibility outings. This is advised for all crew members.
  • No night time rowing if water temperature is lower than 5OC.
  • Any member/crew found disregarding these rules or going out when they are not permitted, will be referred to the committee who will consider banning the member/crew from rowing out of the club.

Even when rowing is permitted, it is every member's responsibility to carry out their own risk assessment and decide whether it is safe to go out. Coaches and crew members have the final decision as to whether to go out.


* Launches are considered an important safety measure as they provide an extra 'pair of eyes' on the river during low visibility, where reference points for safe boat positioning are less clear; and also to be available should a rescue situation occur.


Issue v2.0 10-Oct-2014