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The Club has a long history and boasts well over 300 junior and senior members who row at all levels from recreational through to National and International.

Relatives of one of our recently honored members Roy 'Willie' Smith created a video in tribute to him which gives a flavour of the club and crews dating back to the 1930's.

Established in 1876, the Club's first Captain was William Grenfell, later Lord Desborough of Taplow and Mayor of Maidenhead. He competed for Oxford in the dead heat boat race of 1877 and also rowed the channel in an either.

Following the Club's first Henley success in 1924, Jack Arnold extended the premises at Maidenhead Bridge which were opened in 1926. Jack was himself a successful oarsman between 1903 and 1920.

In 1939, Maidenhead entered the Wyfolds and won the final against Tigre Boat Club, Argentina - an especially popular win since most of the events at Henley that year were won by overseas competitors. Aubrey Lion was in this winning crew and went on to become Club President in 1977.

Bert Bushnell and Richard Burnell won the Double Sculls at the Olympic Regatta at Henly in 1948. Further victories have maintained Maidenhead's record as one of the three most successful up-river clubs at Henley Royal Regatta, along with Leander and Oxford University.

Winning the Britannia Cup at Henley in 1985 prompted fundraising to build the present boathouse, helped by a National Lottery Sports Council grant. Olympic champion Sir Steven Redgrave opened the new boathouse in June 1998.

The facilities at the new clubhouse allow the Club to offer rowing to all, with an inclusive policy.