Terms and conditions of use

Private racks are allocated by the Captain, and are made available on the following basis:

  • The rack fee has been paid in full and by 30th May of each year.
  • If a member has not paid the rack fee by the due date, boats are liable to be moved by the Captain without warning and the committee reserves the right to sell your boat if it remains on Club premises beyond this date.
  • The rack is used on a regular basis (unless it is a storage rack).

Expenses should have been approved by a Club Official - Committee member or Squad Captain.


Complete the attached form and send with supporting receipts to the Club Treasurer.


Expenses form is here.

If you wish to book a trailer for the forthcoming season, please contact Liam O'Mahony.

It is essential that this is done well in advance, to prevent double bookings and generally make the most efficient use of our limited trailer resource and our generous trailer drivers.

The BR training videos on Capsize drill and recovery can be found here.



Advice on looking after life jackets.

Guidance from British Rowing on the correct use of life-jackets and buoyancy aids.

Safety Alert from British Rowing on Rowing in Large Wash and Waves

Boat sharing is working well and it is great to see lots of MHD crews on the water at Dorney. However, difficulties set in as one crew unloads and rigs with a different crew de-rigging and loading - the latter crew not necessarily knowing where stuff came from.

User guide for the Wattbike.