Dear All,

Happy New Year!!!! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and are ready to hit the 2015 season running! The river is behaving for now which is better than this time last year lets hope it stays this way. 

I am very excited for the 2015 season I think we have some very promising squads and athletes and we must all do our best to really get behind them and support our team this year. January and Febuary are tough months but don’t forget Medals are won during these months they are just collected in the summer months. 

We will be really pushing the Club Bar this year so please remember its open Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon its a great place to meet up with your squad, friends or have squad meetings. The backbone to a successful club is a good social scene and after the successful Christmas party it shows that we have a very social club! Events will be published soon so please keep a look out. 

We have a new You Tube page where we will be publishing all our videos and videos that we hope will interest you our members. You can find it HERE


I hope this year you will really start to see some positive changes at our club, but the one thing we must keep in mind is that we are ONE TEAM and we must continue to support each other and support our fantastic club. There is lots to look forward to Women’s Men’s and Vets head of the river, Thames river pageant, the summer!, Women’s Henley, HRR, Vets Henley, the sponsored row to name but a few.

Magna Carta River Thames boat pageant 

The Magna Carta River Thames Boat Pageant will be held this year. This is something our president Paul Lion has been very keen for us to get involved in, and we should! Please take a look at this BBC article about the pageant. Please find it HERE


Seeing as its Winter and its cold please make sure to be safe on the river and keep an eye on the conditions. Its not hard! please use your heads and don’t chance it if your unsure! If its very cold you must have a launch if you can't see the bridge due to fog don’t go out until its clear. Its not worth taking the risk! Rowing is our sport its not our lives!!!

Very much looking forward to seeing you all down at the club in the coming weeks.

Yours as always.