Our latest adventure off the river, and a lesson in cycle safety...


It's all too easy to grumble at the weather when it forces you off the river, however we've been pretty lucky compared to this time last year. That said, a VERY fast and windy river on Saturday forced almost all (bar the very brave Junior Boys) into their running shoes and/or the ergo room to complete a few monotonous sessions!

The WJ14-15 Junior Girls had taken the wise decision to hop on two wheels and explore the Jubilee River by bike, though got pretty wet after a sudden downpour.

Taking inspiration from the Saturday cyclists, the WJ16-18 Junior Girls planned their bike ride for Sunday instead. Armed with winter woollies, waterproof jackets and safety helmets, they set off on a rather cold morning down the tow path tackling boggy conditions – thank fully everyone made it through the treacherous mud onto the flat and straight tarmac at Dorney Lake. Phew!

We were graced with gorgeous weather; sparkling sunshine and bright blue skies! What more could we ask for?! We were going to complete a few laps of the lake and reward ourselves with cake and hot chocolates in Windsor...until a disaster collision struck!

Handle bars collided, so did people, and we ended up with two casualties in the form of Sean & Emily – one can barely walk having pulled a variety of different muscles, the other cushioned the blow with their face! :-(Thankfully – they're both fine (albeit sore) after x-rays and hot baths.

So please, for any of our fellow rowers hitting the bikes this winter, make sure you are wearing a helmet. Not only are they trendy (as showcased by our models above), but they really made huge a difference to both of our very well loved squad!!

Next week, we'll be praying for better weather and sticking to the water!