Dear All,

I hope you have all had a great weekend. Unfortunately due to the river being on red boards we were unable to get any boats out onto the water. Never the less, we had lots of members at the club training on the ergs and bikes and we also had members out on their bikes and running. Some of the junior squad went down to the lake to gain some milage. 

As the river is in flood its very important sessions are planned out in advance to get the most out of the session and to also ensure the facilities are free. I issued a ergo room timetable on Friday to the Squad Captains, I hope this was okay. We will work to ensure that this something we set in stone that can come into play when the Thames goes on to red boards. Also if you want to go to the lake on a weekend it is imperative to plan early on in the week! Book into the lake, plan the trailer and plan the session. It is a fantastic facility that's so close to home, buy we must make sure its all planned so you can get the best session possible!

On to some more news. We are looking to refurbish the ergo room: soon covering the flooring, painting and media system. If you would like to lend a hand please let our facilities manager know (Emma Peacock). We hope to be able to move forward with this in the next few months but obviously we shall update you accordingly. This is all part of a plan to invest in our members and athletes so we hope it will go down well.

After the successful Christmas party we will be looking forward to planning some more social events, we are hoping to have 3 main events including the Christmas party, Annual dinner and possibly a summer time party/ball. In-between these events we will be looking to do some crew suppers where we hope to let each squad take turns to run and plan the event but as of this moment it is still early on in planning. Whilst on the subject of socials please let me reiterate the point that behind every successful club is a great social side so if you would like to get involved please let us know!!!

The bar will be open Tuesday and Thursday night where food is available - all welcome! it is also open on Sunday afternoon till 4pm again all welcome, please support our bar.

And finally, as you may know our brand new watt bike arrived this week (located in the erg room). Early feedback is good I’m glad to say. Please don’t be afraid to try it out, it is for ALL members. I have attached a small PDF (here) regarding the bike with some information to have a look through. All feedback is welcomed.

Anyhow I hope you all have a great week with some hard training. I as I’m sure all you all are, will be crossing our fingers for the river to return to being rowable!

Yours as always,