The girls WJ14/15 group had a good day at Weybridge Winter Head on Saturday 24th January.


It had been uncertain right up to the preceding Thursday whether the river would drop sufficiently, but it did and we were rewarded with a great days racing in beautiful conditions. Here's Coach Huw's race report...

In the first division we had two WJ14 quads racing in a field of ten crews.

The quad of Immie Harding, Olivia Webster, Izzie Bird & Beth Sinnott, coxed by Rosie Harris won the event by a margin of 20 seconds after a fine, controlled row.


The quad of Lola Harris, Georgia Howell, Lena Tomasik and Alexandra Hollis, coxed by Toby Goodhew finished in an equally impressive second place. Alexandra, from the Beginners Group, is still a WJ13 and this was her first ever race. She hadn't even met everyone in her crew before getting in a boat with them, but despite this she slotted in admirably. Toby Goodhew also did a fine job steering the quad in what was also his first race.


In the second division, Rosie Harris and Maja Tomasik had a convincing win from a small field of four, with Talia Antioco and Naomi Ross-Masson in third place close behind the second placed crew.

In the third division, the WJ15 coxed quad of Maja Tomasik, Naomi Ross-Masson, Talia Antioco and Rosie Harris, coxed by Lola Harris, set off first in their event, unexpectedly finding Henley starting out of number order immediately behind them. The race was hard fought all the way down the course with every other crew in the event left way behind. From the bank it wasn't clear who was fastest but the Maidenhead crew were reasonably confident that they had pulled away slightly. Due to a printer malfunction, no results were available so the girls had to wait until the medals were handed out later to find out that they had won the event by four seconds from Henley with the third place crew a minute behind.


It was remarkable day for Rosie Harris as she coxed the winning WJ14 quad in the first division and also won her events in the second and third division, so ended up with three medals.

A huge congratulation to all the girls, Toby and coaches Huw & Collin for a greatly rewarding day of racing!