Hello All,

I hope you all have had a great weekend and couple weeks full of some good training. Things are busy at the club with squads well into Head season training and competing at the local heads all in the run up for the big heads on the tideway in about a months time.

Unfortunately I must start on a sad note, as some of you may know a coach lost his life on the tideway this week having become separated from his launch. This is a tragic event and our thoughts go out to all effected. This incident does bring it home that things can go wrong and we must make sure they don’t. This maybe a good time to take a step back and asses how you go about safety at the club and personally as a rower. We have a great safety team at the club ready to help and advise, they work hard to keep what we do safe. So please make sure you reacquaint yourselves with basic safety in our sport it doesn’t take long you may need it one day.


Last weekend was Quintin Head on the tideway and we had one crew racing from the Vet Mens squad. They had a strong race after a long wait at the start, they raced in MAS E and out of 8 in their class they came in 6th in 14.32. This was the first head for the Vets this year and the first tideway head of the year experience from this will be valuable for the up and coming Vets Head.


Today was the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the Olympic Velodrome. We had a strong contingent of Maidenhead athletes and some great results. This is a fantastic event in the most awesome of arenas and was a real eye opener for indoor rowing. Who knew ergo racing could be edge of the seat stuff!!! Maidenhead athletes brought home a Silver and 4 Bronze medals. Well done to Marcus,Matt,Charlie,Amaia,Zoe,Emma,Maddy,Catharine,Millie,Abbie,Claudia,Kate,Ella,Rav and Alexandria. It was great to have so many Maidenhead athletes at such a great event well done to all. Next year we will be pushing the BIRC even harder it would be great to get even more Maidenhead athletes performing at this national level. For results please go HERE

Next week we will have Maidenhead athletes competing at Henley Fours and Eights on Saturday for more event info please go HERE . It’ll be great to get a lot of home support at such a local event so if you are free please come to Henley to support our team. 


Please don’t forget to keep an eye out on our website for updates on goings on, it also has twitter and Facebook feeds so you can see even more up to date information on events and goings ons.

Please remember that when you join Maidenhead you become part of the team and we are all in it together so please make sure our club house remains tidy from the boathouse to the ergo room. Our clubhouse is our fortress so we must look after it. 

If anybody needs a note put out on a weekly email please ping me a message and I shall try to add it in.

I hope you all have a good week on and off the water and we look forward to another busy weekend.

Yours as always,