Dear All,

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the few days of sun (hopefully to be more). Sorry for the lack of update last weekend god knows where the time goes! We have some good racing updates and club notices today.


Firstly Last weekend, it was the turn of Reading university head which is a very competitive race where many clubs tend to showcase how the winter months have gone for them. We had two crews entered to this event one quad from the women’s squad and one eight from the vet mens squad. Both these crews won in great fashion the women’s quad walked away being the fastest women’s quad of the day and crushing the competition of which was very strong. The Vet men’s eight beat local rivals Marlow in a convincing time which sets them up for a good stab at the up and coming vets head in just under two weeks. Full results can be found HERE 

Yesterday saw the Women’s Head of the River. We originally had two crews entered but due to injures and other issues one of our crews had two bow out but never the less we still were represented in fine fashion by our IM3 women’s eight that finished 25th out of 125 in their category. This is a great leap forward for these girls who have been patently pounding out the miles on the water and ergs this winter. These girls are a unit to keep an eye on in the coming months as I think we will see their continual hard work paying off.

So on to this week and we have Schools head of the River tomorrow in London and The Scullery at Dorney lake on Tuesday. Unfortunately we don’t have any of our crews at the Schools Head tomorrow though Claires Court will be fielding two crews, a quad and a eight which is kudos to their continuing effort. We will however have many of our crews racing at Dorney on Tuesday for the Scullery. As a side note the junior squad will be having a pasta meal on Monday at the club in preparation for the big day, we wish them all good luck and I will be updating you all on results from these events next week.

Next saturday is the turn of Kingston Head where we have some crews planning on racing, we wish you good luck.


As you may or may not have seen we have some heavy flooring in the reception area, this is in preparation to being fitted this week into the ergo room. The ergo room will be relocated this week (Wednesday evening to Friday) into the function room for the fitting of the new floor and the refurb. The ergo room will be a cleaner more hygienic room and a better space to train in. We hope you will like it but we do apologies for the very short term disruption but it is for the best!

Carolyn Smithson asks if anybody knows of or is removing the notices from outside the reception as its becoming a issue as these notices are disappearing and we don’t know why.

Ally Brooks has very kindly put up some sheets to place your results on if you wish to take on the club wide ergo plan (see last email for details) you can find these in the hall way outside the changing rooms.

And finally a BIG thank you to Sean Kerns for the work he’s put into tiding our boathouse, our boathouse is something to be proud of so in all It must remain tidy and an aspect of our club to show off. So please lets keep it tidy.

So to all our racing crews this week we wish good luck and to all I hope you all have a good week on and off the water.

Yours as always,