The past few weeks have seen a string of successful events for the Maidenhead Juniors, internationally, regionally and locally!

We kicked off April with the boys J15/J16 squad and the girls J16/J17 squad travelling to Ghent, Belgium to take part in the Spring International Regatta.

Starting with the girls, the JW18 2x of Abbie Bird and Kate Woffinden impressively won Gold in their event, despite racing up two years. The remainder of the squad fielded a variety of quads and doubles to place highly amongst other top level crews on the international stage. Millie Hyde, Eliza Bennett, Claudia Adams and Immi Ramskill all put out professional performances to represent the club proudly at such a highly regarded event.

In addition, the boys had a string of successes, with the J16 4x event being won on both days. The first combination of Victor Kleshnev, Edoardo Marshall, Elliott Kemp (who has been rowing for less than a year) and Sean O'Mahony were crowned the winners and the fastest Junior quad from both days. Day two provided another Gold medal with a new combination of Edoardo Marshall, Charlie Collins, Elliott Kemp and junior boys captain Jonathan Sneller.

Success continued in the J16 1x, with Victor and Sean obtaining gold and silver respectively. The boys squad also placed highly in other events, for example a close 4th place in the J18 4x narrowly missed the squad a medal, with Jordan Felstead and James Leatherbarrow putting up a strong performance.


Overall the club had an amazing experience racing abroad and it is clear the winter mileage is paying off!
At the same time as two squads racing abroad, the WJ14/15 squad hit Abingdon Regatta, bringing back an array of medals! Victory started with the WJ15 4x+ of Maja Tomasik, Eliza Harding, Naomi Ross-Masson and Talia Antioco, coxed by Lola Harris, leading by a massive margin.
The same four girls took to the water in a sweep crew racing up at WJ16 to win the 4+ by a huge margin, a very impressive feat!

Further success was found with a medal in the WJ14 4x+ for Lola Harris, Immie Harding, Izzie Bird and Millie Holgate, coxed by young Toby Goodhew. If only silver medals were awarded because the second place was awarded to the other Maidenhead quad, as well as a 2nd place in the WJ14 2x.


With a fantastic weekend all round, we wondered how on earth we could top it and only hoped that the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta would provide the same successes, and it did! See our JIRR report here.


 Now it's back to training hard ready for the National Schools Regatta, 22-24th May.