GB vs France


Back in June, Maidenhead sent several junior crews up to Nottingham for the GB v France team selection trials. The team of Abbie Bird, Kate Woffinden, Ella Holgate, Talia Antioco, Sean O'Mahony, Edoardo Marshall, Elliot Kemp and Victor Kleshnev all put up fantastic efforts in a mix of 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x and 4-.

After a tough day of racing, some miserable wind from Nottingham and a swan attack, the team were thrilled to come away with Victor being awarded a GB Vest for the JM 1x.

Victor went on to race at London Docklands in July at the closed match between the Junior 16 teams for both Great Britain and France. With mum and coach Katerina in tow, he put out a sterling performance to come home with his first medal for the GB team. Congratulations!