Hi All

Seems a while since we did an update so here goes!!


Firstly many thanks for to the organisers and volunteers that made the Junior Regatta such a huge success yesterday. It was a great showcase for what Maidenhead can do! There was some great racing with Maidenhead contesting several well fought finals, with Abbie, Amelia, Bethyn, Olivia and Ione in the cox seat winning the WJ13B event. 

Having had the benefit of being in the Umpire’s launch I was really impressed with the quality of all the Maidenhead crews, indeed all the umpires I carried remarked on how well the Maidenhead crews were sculling, a huge testament to them and the coaching teams behind them. Also big thanks to Robert Treharne-Jones (the Voice of Rowing!) for commentating and Jack Beaumont for the prize giving. Their presence made it a very special occasion.

Whilst this was going on we had a number of crews at the Junior Sculling Regatta at Dorney where again Maidenhead were successful.

The WJ15 girls entered four Double Sculls and a Single for the Junior Sculling Regatta at Dorney. The WJ15 Double Scull of Alexandra & Charlotte were the fastest boat in the time trial and then won the gold medal in the A final by the huge margin of 12 seconds with a phenomenal performance. Teresa and Esther came 5th in the B final but were the second fastest '2nd' boat overall. Tabatha & Serena and Tilly & Lizzie didn't get through the time trial but Tabatha and Serena only just missed the B final and were the third fastest '2nd' boat overall. Victoria, in her first ever singles race, qualified for the WJ15 A final and was leading the race at 1500m before catching a crab and capsizing in difficult conditions in the last 150m while in a medal position. Still an absolutely outstanding effort!

There was also a fantastic performance from the Junior Boys! Three Golds: for Harrison in J17 1x (23s faster than the next sculler); Ethan and Lewis in J17 2x and Sean in J18 1x (12s faster than the next sculler)! One Silver medal for Seth and Hugo in J15 2x (only 0.32 s off the winners)! 4th, 6th and 8th place in J17 2x, J16 1x and J15 1x for Daniel, Will, Sergio and Stephen. Well done boys!

Adult L2R

We are coming to the end of the first two adult L2R courses this week so will be looking for coaching support for those wanting to carry on. If anyone has time to help out please give Jim H a shout. Days and times are flexible to suit the majority and we think we will have a daytime and an evening group. The next group starts at the end of this month, and final group will be a weekend course starting towards the end of June.


We will shortly be taking delivery of a number of new boats. We have ordered a number of Wintechs and made use of the SmartBuy discount scheme, some of which is due to the number of private singles bought by the Juniors. We are getting a Cobra 4x/- to complement the heavier quad/4- fleet alongside Katerina, Rob Williams, Phil Clapp, Eurus and the Rob Ashburner. In the first instance this will be used by the Junior Boys quad for their assault on the Fawley Cup this year. We are also having 2 doubles/pairs and a single delivered. There will be one medium weight (80-90kg) 2x/- and a lightweight (60-70kg) one. We are looking to sell Ursa Major and Cygnus to create space for these. The single is also medium weight (80-90kg). It is intended that these boats help share kit better across all the club, rather than being allocated to specific squads. Criteria for use being ability, rowing aspiration and weight.

We are also getting a set of 4 sweep blades to support the rise in numbers in the Men’s squad sweep rowing and their goal to qualify and compete in the Wyfold this year.


There are a number of outstanding jobs to be done around the club, so we will be having a club workday before the main regatta on 5th August. Keep your eyes open for further details on this. We have already seen some great work done by a number of people, instigated by Derek Cook and Brian Smith, at cutting branches back along the reach. We would also like to thank Sue Bennett’s husband Martin for repairing one of the trolleys for the tub 4xs.

Efa Boathouse system

The boat usage recording system is starting to highlight some interesting data. We have put a table of usage on the notice board by the men’s changing room door. As we gather more months data it is really helpful in informing the discussions about boat allocation, renewal and disposal. Please ensure all club boats and launches are recorded, even when taken off site for regattas etc. We have used the data to fine tune the servicing plan for the outboards based on actual hours usage rather than just time interval which has saved £800 this year. Not a bad return for free software system and a donated laptop!


As mentioned above we are looking for a few people to help out with coaching any L2R grads who decide to carry on – please give me a shout if you can. We are also looking for coaching support for the WJ16-18 group alongside Orlando. There will be more coming out on this, but if you can offer some time on weekday evenings or some of the weekend sessions for this group then please get in touch with Jim Hotchin or Sean Kemp.


And finally we have Radio 2 here tomorrow morning recording Jeremy Vine on the river with us at 8am, the piece to go out during a live broadcast from The Bell in Maidenhead! Anyone down - best radio voices please!

Thank you

The Rowing Committee