Dear Members

The summer racing season is now in full swing, and we have seen a huge number of wins for Maidenhead Rowing Club in the past month at a number of Local and National events. It is fantastic to see our athletes rewarded for their hard work in training which does great credit to the club’s standing!

National Schools Regatta on 25th-27th May saw a strong contingent from Maidenhead junior boy's and junior girl's squads taking part, with the following wins being achieved:

J18 4x championship Gold (Victor Kleshneva, Elliott Kemp, Eduardo Marshall & Harrison Rowe)

J18 2x championship Gold (Victor Kleshneva & Harrison Rowe)

WJ14 4x+ Gold (Amelia Carpenter, Olivia Hall, Jasmine Stockdale, Ametz Parcell-Arregi & India White (cox)) who set a new National Schools Regatta record time of 3:38.59 in the final!

WJ14 4x+  Gold (Ellen Gomersall, Abby Jones, Bethyn Roberts, Dallas Thompson & Christa Scott (cox)) qualified for the B final which they won. This crew also won Gold medals as the fastest second crew of the day from any club or school

WJ15 4x+ Bronze (Stephanie Stuij, Izzy Sellers, Elizabeth Hollis, Hannah Leeper & Ametz Parcell-Arregi (cox)) coming 3rd in the B final (9th overall)

Twickenham Regatta on 26th May was well attended by Maidenhead crews from the senior men’s, senior women’s, masters ladies’ and veteran men’s squads with the following crews achieving wins:

Open 1x (Sam McCoriston)

Open 2x (Ross McCoriston & Sam McCoriston)

WSenior 4x (Natasha Brown, Vicky Palmer, Caroline Steel & Kelsey Murrell)

WMas B/C2x (Nattie Marti & Claire Pugh)

Mas C4+ (Rob Harris, Dan Corkin, Andy Burrows, Dylan Gomersall & Tegan Pereira-Rego (Cox))

Mas E4x (Nick Steel, Marcus Richards, Piers Alington & Keith Abbott)

Mas E2x (Nick Steel & Marcus Richards)

Peterborough Spring Regatta on 2nd-3rd June, an event not often attended by Maidenhead crews, but the following wins were achieved by the veteran men:

Mas D4- (Nic Hutchins, Alan Bird, Rob Brockwell & Andrew Scott)

Mas D2- (Nic Hutchins & Andrew Scott)

Weybridge Ladies Regatta on 10th June saw further success for the senior women’s and masters ladies’ squads with wins for:

WSenior 4x (Natasha Brown, Vicky Palmer, Caroline Steel & Kelsey Murrell)

WSenior 2x (Natasha Brown & Kelsey Murrell)

WSenior 2x (Caroline Steel & Vicky Palmer)

WMasC/D 1x (Sue Harker)

Marlow Town Regatta on 16th June saw further wins for the Adaptive squad:

AdaM1x (Dan Stevenson)

SupAda2x (1 armed) (Steve Bloyce & Dylan Gomersall)

SupAda2x (Dan Stevens & Poppy Jaminson) 

Reading Amateur Regatta on 17th June saw some stiff competition for the Maidenhead junior squads with Stephen Hughes winning the J16 1x A final

Masters National Championships on 16th-17th June in Nottingham saw yet another strong entry from Maidenhead’s masters ladies’ and veteran men’s squads with Maidenhead Rowing Club being ranked 7th out of the 90 clubs participating in the overall Victor Ludorum.

Championship medals were awarded for:

WB2x Gold (Claire Pugh & Nattie Marti)

D4-  Gold (Nic Hutchins, Rob Brockwell, Alan Bird & Andrew Scott

D2-  Gold (Nic Hutchins & Andrew Scott)

D2-  Silver (Rob Brockwell & Alan Bird)

Non-Championship medals were awarded for:

WD1x Gold (Sue Harker)

E4x Gold (Nick Steel, Marcus Richards, Keith Abbott & Tim Hudson)

Congratulations also to all of the Learn to Row squad who have now graduated from their L2R training run by Richard and his team. It is encouraging to see so many new athletes on the river – and I look forward to seeing you all progress into the squads and continuing your rowing careers at Maidenhead. Well done!!!

Henley Royal Regatta is now approaching fast and I am very proud to see four crews entered into the 2018 event representing Maidenhead Rowing Club:

  • The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup - (Alex Hollis, Maja Tomasik, Charlotte Williams & Beth Sinnot)
  • The Fawley Challenge Cup - (Harrison Rowe, Victor Kleshnev, Elliott Kemp & Eduardo Marshall)
  • The Fawley Challenge Cup - (Dillon Cook, Ed Rayner, Max Bird & Nat Harlow)
  • The Wyfold Challenge Cup - (Nic Hutchins, Rob Brockwell, Alan Bird & Andrew Scott)

I know that all have worked really had to get this far, and I am sure you will join me in wishing each of the crews and their coaches the best of luck with their final preparations for qualification and racing. I am sure river bank at Henley will be lined with Maidenhead supporters cheering for them on their way down the course!

The junior squads held a fund raising BBQ on 15th June which was well attended by the junior boys and girls, parents and other club members who all enjoyed a very pleasant evening. Sean did an amazing job with the organising committee in preparing the food and running the bar, and the event raised £800 for the club. Fantastic result!

The river is still very busy and with the increase in cruiser traffic and other river users there have been a couple of incidents reported between cruisers and rowing crews. We all need to remember to abide by the rules and practices outlined by the Environment Agency for river usage, and treat other river users with courtesy and respect at all times. Again, if you find yourself in situations with other river users where rules are have not been followed please keep your cool and report the incident to myself or the squad captains when back ashore so that we can follow up through the official channels.

Keep training hard – and I look forward to continued success in competition on the water over the coming weeks as well as good fellowship and support from the riverside!