Dear Members

You may be aware that since 19 August, Thames Tradesmen Rowing Club have been locked out of their premises by Hounslow Borough Council who are denying the club access to the boathouse unless they give up their existing lease (due to expire in 2033) and move to a rolling six-month licence.  The story is on the TTRC website at and several other media outlets.

The club has set up a petition requesting that Hounslow Borough Council withdraw the eviction. Thames Tradesmen's hope is that enough people will sign the petition to convince the Council to get them back on the water, so their members can carry on doing what they love most – rowing.  Within 24 hours, the petition had received over 7,000 signatures.

For many years TTRC has hosted Maidenhead Rowing Club for the Fours and Eights Heads.  So I am sure many of you will want to show your support for TTRC by signing the petition and helping them to gain access to their club again.  Please spread the news to your friends, rowers and non-rowers alike.  #SaveTTRC.

With many thanks