The big news this week is that British Rowing have updated their advice, following positive feedback from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), outlining a phased approach to the reintroduction of crew boat rowing. Earliest dates are: coxless pairs and doubles from 1 August; coxed and coxless pairs, doubles, fours and quads from 15 August; eights and octuples from 29 August.

We are updating our risk assessment and logistical planning with a view to progressing to this next phase of Safe Return to Rowing as soon as safely practical. Stay tuned.

We ran capsize drills for a group from the Rec squad last week, who all did a great job, demonstrating boat skills and enjoying themselves tremendously (I think!). The coaching sessions (19 candidates, 5 coaches) are set to commence next week. Meanwhile, the younger juniors are getting more outings (and we hope they are more fortunate with the weather than they were this weekend).

A big thanks to Jim and Huw who have been fixing some of the club singles that are getting more usage than usual.

Thanks also to Gordon, Keith and Ken for sweeping up a lot of broken glass from outside the boathouse and the pontoons last Monday morning. It seems that the clubhouse area is something of a party-zone, and we continue to monitor the situation with CCTV footage, as our neighbours raise their concerns. In addition to the public disturbance there is risk to individuals from broken glass in boating areas (always keep your shoes/sliders on until you get into the boat).

We have had a series of near-misses with poorly navigated cruisers, and have raised one particular incident with the EA. Please politely remind the cruiser drivers of navigation and speed limits. Please also log incidents (including near-misses) on the online BR system; the more data they have the better the dialogue they may have with the EA and other relevant authorities.

We are still getting a number of ‘no-shows’ at boating sessions. Please consider fellow members who may be deprived of an outing, and/or the junior session supervisors who might compromise their outings, or travel to the club unnecessarily.

You will have noticed the hedgerows and areas around the clubhouse are looking tidier; thanks to John A, Dawn, Huw, and Brian for gardening/sweeping/clearing. If you wish to help, please put cuttings in the pile near the bike racks.

Stay safe, respect each other