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This weekend marked the first race for 2015, the Weybridge Winter Head, which at the start of the week was a little in doubt due to the river. But the river chilled out and the race was on! The race was attended by our Junior Women's squad and saw some very close racing. And I'am glad to say the girls won Junior Women's 14 and 15 coxed quad sculls and Junior Women's double sculls, congratulations goes to these crews. Great way to start the year!

The girls WJ14/15 group had a good day at Weybridge Winter Head on Saturday 24th January.


It had been uncertain right up to the preceding Thursday whether the river would drop sufficiently, but it did and we were rewarded with a great days racing in beautiful conditions. Here's Coach Huw's race report...

Dear All,

I hope you have all had a great weekend. Unfortunately due to the river being on red boards we were unable to get any boats out onto the water. Never the less, we had lots of members at the club training on the ergs and bikes and we also had members out on their bikes and running. Some of the junior squad went down to the lake to gain some milage. 

As the river is in flood its very important sessions are planned out in advance to get the most out of the session and to also ensure the facilities are free. I issued a ergo room timetable on Friday to the Squad Captains, I hope this was okay. We will work to ensure that this something we set in stone that can come into play when the Thames goes on to red boards. Also if you want to go to the lake on a weekend it is imperative to plan early on in the week! Book into the lake, plan the trailer and plan the session. It is a fantastic facility that's so close to home, buy we must make sure its all planned so you can get the best session possible!