Hello All,

Tomorrow marks the first Major event on the British rowing calendar Pairs Head. We have 12 crews entered (crew lists below). Members from most our squads are competing. The women’s squad is fielding a strong contingent tomorrow with four doubles and a pair, hopefully they can carry on their upward trend in results and performances on the tideway tomorrow. The vets and mens squad have three boats between them two pairs and a double we look forward to what these crews can pull out on the tideway. And finally our juniors are out in two junior women’s doubles and two junior mens doubles. The juniors have been really hitting the training hard at the start of the season, I’m sure we will see some strong performances from them tomorrow.

Good luck to all our crews tomorrow!!!

If you are not racing and fancy coming to support our crews its just a short trip up the M4. The crews are boating from Thames Tradesmen and the race starts at 1pm the race is from Chiswick to the Harrods depository there are many good places to see the race from on either bank. For more info visit the website at Pairs Head .









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Re my last club email I am still waiting to hear if anyone would be interested in heading up a small project around the club to put up some up to date photos of our club training and our more successful crews in the last 3-5 years, I feel it would be quite a rewarding project to head up so if your interested please please let me know.

Yours as always,


Hello All,

I hope you are all well and busy getting stuck into the new season. It was great to see the club so busy on the weekend and everybody getting stuck into their training. I hope you have all seen the email from Billy in regards to tomorrows time trial its a great way of assessing your speed early on in the season, so if you fancy it please get stuck in. Also we have some crews at the Isis small boats head this weekend and then a lot more at Wallingford Small Boats Head next saturday so please if you about come and support our racing crews.

A few weekends ago was the sponsored row. Thank you to all who took part and all who supported and thank you to Laura for organising the long row along with her team. 

I know there are a lot more photos and videos around but i put this video together of the long row so click on the link and take a look.

Maidenhead Long Row Video

This week emails went out to all the members about the new seasons kit. I hope you like the designs as a lot of work has gone into getting it right. I feel quite strongly about our kit as its one of the things that defines us as a club. Over the last few years so many designs have come out from stripes to inverted colours. If you look around at some of the old photos you’ll see that our original racing strip is black bottoms with the green top and white piping our original colours! so in all the new kit is the original kit. There are lots of other bits to have a look at like our new casual polo tops and coloured leggings so please have a look.

Its about time we put some up to date photos of recent crews around the club. We’ve had some great crews in the last few years which deserve a place on our walls around the club. If any member would like to take on the task please let me know.

Yours as always,


Hello All,

These next two weeks mark the official start of the 14/15 season. I hope you have all had a great summer and are well rested and ready for the new season. 

The start of our season at Maidenhead Rowing Club is marked by the 100k row this weekend all in aid to raise money for the club. The plan is to row from Maidenhead to Pangbourne then on Sunday Pangbourne to Maidenhead. Support for our members brave enough to do the 100k will be very much needed so please if you have some spare time please come and support our rowers.

We have some Big races coming up before Christmas pairs head, fours head, vets fours head and scullers head all of which would be great to have a big Maidenhead RC turn out. As training heats up at the club please make sure you take a look at the training times for ergo rooms and gym times at CC. As a lot of you will be pleased to hear Saturday morning first sessions will remain Launch FREE and Sunday morning first sessions will be limited launch use to ensure good water for our racing crews. 

As we start the run into the winter the nights will draw in and the river may (hopefully not) get faster so please remind yourself of the boating rules at winter i.e. lights and flow rates, just to be safe!

Safety is of upmost importance to us at the club so please take care and row safe this season.

Season Preview

And so begins the new season at MRC, we have some great squads with some great talent  and some great up and coming talent. The womens squad continues to gain strength and speed, after a successful season last year we hope they can continue on this trend. Last season they boated successful quads and fours racing at all the major regattas over the summer their 1st eight managed to be the 2nd fasted club eight overall which was a great result for MRC. 

The Vets continue their upward stride in performance boating many boats and last season entering boats in to Henley Vets with some very promising results lets hope they carry on making the gains and hopefully we will see out vets at National Masters regatta 2015! time will tell! Our mens squad are re building from a successful last two years and now with an aim towards small boats hopefully we will see some strong results in the singles doubles and pairs. 

And I should also mention our Juniors who continue to represent our club brilliantly and came 3rd over all at the National Junior Champs 2014 which is an amazing result. We have some exciting talent in this squad so watch this space!!! 

We as a club I believe have in the last few years become separated with in our own squads. We are a club which means we are ONE team we must support each other no matter what squad or age. We are Maidenhead Rowing Club and we row out of one of the best boathouses on the Thames and we row on one of the best stretches. 

So as a new season starts I ask all our members to remember we are all part of one team and we must continue to support each other at our races and at our club, we have great members great athletes and great facilities so theres no reason why we shouldn’t be Great and shouldn't have a great season!

Your as always,



A Maidenhead-based security firm has dipped its oar in the sporting world.

GCD Security in the High Street has named a new four-seater boat at Maidenhead Rowing Club 'Lock & Quay'.

The purchase of the boat, which will be used by the club's seniors, and saw it on its maiden voyage along the Thames from the River Road-based club.

The boat also bears the firm's logo.

Managing director of the security firm, Paul Hickman, cracked a bottle of fizz over the boat at the naming ceremony on October 2.

Thank you for your hard work, the club is looking much better.

It was lovely to see so many people at the club today.

If you couldn’t make it there are a few jobs left to finish up next week….please email Chris

Julie and Chris