I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your weekend at Henley or on the River. I just thought i would give you all a round up on HRR performances last week and a bit about Henley Veterans Regatta.

Henley Royal Regatta

Our Wyfold pre qualified crew were drawn up against the very strong Rob Roy BC whom are all funded athletes! Our boys went out to have a good race and that they did unfortunately Rob Roy were to strong and won the race by 4 and a half lengths. A tough draw for anyone which gave our crew a tough race.

Honorary member and ex junior of Maidenhead RC Jack Beaumont won the Prince of Wales challenge cup in fine fashion for Leander Club. This is his third victory at HRR and I’m sure will not be the last. Im sure you’ll all share in wishing him good luck in his international competitions this summer.

I hope you all managed to get down to watch some racing at Henley Royal Regatta there was some great racing this year with many UK victories including two wins for UTRC in the Wyfold and Britannia which was their first two victories at HRR ever!!!

Henley Veterans Regatta

This weekend marks the pinnacle of the Veterans squads season with many Maidenhead crews racing on the world famous course! Maidenhead will be there in force along with the Maidenhead marque, so please come down to Henley to support our crews and for a great weekend of racing!

The schedule courtesy of Phelim is as below:

09.00 (Race 1!!): Vet E 2x - Marcus, Colin vs. Norwich.  Then 09.56 vs.
Hollingworth Lake in round 2.  


09.52 Vet D 1x: Roger vs. Marlow. Round 2 at 16.28.

12.40 Vet C 1x: Richard F vs. Runcorn.  

14.12 Vet D 4x: Nick, Jim, Tim H, Lee vs. Eton Exc.

17.44 Vet C 4x: David H, Keith D, Richard F, N. Lewington vs. Zheijiang 
Vankeon or Ardingly.  Our crew got a bye in the first round and this is 
a 2nd round race.

Support will be very much appreciated for our crews who have put in a huge amount of training for this regatta!