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Stream flow rates are as measured on the Bridge Gardens flow meter and water temperature as measured by the thermometer attached to the main raft adjacent to the clubhouse.

The Captain, Safety Advisor and Senior Coaches have the authority to change the River Status Board.

The criteria for the above board settings are the minimum requirements, if those authorized to change the boards feel that further restrictions are required to stay safe, they may change the board accordingly and/or request specific crews do not go out.

Any member found blatantly disregarding the river status board and going out when it is indicated that they shouldn't, will be referred to the committee who will consider banning the member from rowing out of the club.

Even when rowing is permitted it is every member's responsibility to carry out their own risk assessment and decide whether it is safe to go out. Coaches and crew members have the final decision as to whether to go out.

Issue v2.2 20-Mar-2019